A Weekend In Shrewsbury

I’ve been living in Shrewsbury for nearly two years but over the course of a weekend, I managed to take in some new sporting experiences right on my doorstep. The first was professional tennis at The Shrewsbury Club – a place that’s attracted the world’s best players for a number of years but one I’ve never visited despite regular interest. In contrast, the second was … Continue reading A Weekend In Shrewsbury


Blackburn Rovers 3 – 1 Shrewsbury Town Ewood Park Just before Christmas, I put a suggestion to my friend at work that we should go see a Shrewsbury Town game on the road. Toby is a big Salop fan but is also a fellow football nut. We’re always discussing goals, games, news and results at work from all kinds of different leagues and clubs. Shrewsbury … Continue reading BLACKBURN ROVERS | Away Day Blues