Team Of The Year 2017

As the year-end lists come flooding in for the best albums, films and stories of 2017, I figured I’d contribute to the holiday reading with a High Stress Therapy combined XI. Any player is eligible if they’ve featured in a game blogged on the website, while their place in the team is based on their influence on the game rather than how good they are as … Continue reading Team Of The Year 2017

MOSS ROSE: Heavy Flurries And Bitter Ends

Like most of the country this week, my eyes were consistently fixed to the weather forecast. A dramatic shift from wet and mild to snow and ice was scheduled for Thursday night and on into the weekend. As I awoke to snow on Friday morning, I wondered if Wrexham’s game at nearby Macclesfield would survive the conditions. Thankfully (at the time), the Macclesfield faithful put … Continue reading MOSS ROSE: Heavy Flurries And Bitter Ends