Mental Notes

My Mental Health At Work

Last week, my boss told me that I worked with someone who thought I was miserable. It was said as a joke, with the colleague in question present and denying it. But I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.

I admitted to the pair that I am miserable and nearly revealed that I have mental health problems. However, the subject quickly changed to banter about themselves so the opportunity quickly fell away.

I really wish I could have told them about my problems because I’ve felt miserable at work for some time. When these feelings of sadness occur, I’m torn between wearing a mask for the sake of the job and letting myself be upset as a cry for help.

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Confessions Of A Blogger (Featuring Little Comets And Mattie Vant)

When I attended a Little Comets gig in Birmingham, I didn’t have the intention to write a blog post about it. The O2 Institute can’t really be classed as a stadium – especially on the sweaty, dancefloor-only third level – whilst I also feel like my live music knowledge is average at best, so a review seemed pointless.

However, as I pondered over my experience and delved deeper into the acts that I watched, I felt inspired to write a little something. It’s pretty much going to be an outpouring of thought. And, surprisingly, not a lot of thought about the event.

My inspiration actually comes from an interview that I watched the day after the gig. Mattie Vant was the support act for Little Comets and his two-part sit down with FaceCulture was done when he was the frontman for his self-titled band Vant.

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