Here is a rundown of the resources and links I would recommend with regards to the topics that this site goes into. None of these have sponsored me or have asked me to recommend them, they’re just what I personally use and hopefully other people can benefit from them too.



Even though this site is called High Stress Therapy, it would be naive to think there are only stress-induced mental health problems. One’s mental health can be affected by a number of factors, triggers, events and disorders. Mind is a charity that gives information and support for those who are struggling. I’ve found them very useful in understanding my brain better. They’ve also helped reassure me that I’m not alone. On their website, there’s a guide on the range of mental health problems, issues and disorders that can affect people. You can find it here.

Samaritans logo

Perhaps the charity that matters most to me, I’ve called Samaritans a few times in my life and have volunteered at their shop in the past. I believe their work is so important: providing an outlet for people to open up about whatever is on their mind, 24 hours a day. Getting in touch with them is free and you can do so by phone, text, email, in writing or in person. Details on how to contact them are available here.


Football TripperBack in the day, I used to collect annual football ground guidebooks. They gave up-to-date information on everything from stadium capacity and location, to the club’s nickname and away supporter tips. Football Tripper is the modern-day equivalent. It has everything I used to enjoy about the guidebooks and more. I’ve discovered so many stadiums from browsing their website and would highly recommend using it for planning a visit or just learning about the world’s varied array of stadium architecture.



There’s a vast amount of travel videos and channels on YouTube giving great tips and advice on what to see and do. My personal favourite is Wolters World, run by American Mark Wolters. I discovered him whilst researching my trip to Porto and found his videos insightful and honest.

Samuel & Audrey are another top choice of mine. The married Canadian couple have been to so many countries – and so many places within each country – that there’s always something new to discover. I like them because they have simple suggestions for top sights in each location, as well as educating me on local cuisine.

For a more educational rundown, I try Rick Steves. But I’ve also discovered some cool people making videos of their home cities so it’s always worth having a browse.


My girlfriend has been very supportive of my blog from day one. She’s helped me with all sorts of design work from the banner I take to games to some of my post’s images. My Team Of The Year review for 2017 looked so good thanks to her work illustrating the squad. The kits and the resemblance to each player were so accurate to real life. I totally recommend checking it out even if you don’t fancy reading the piece.

For further information on how to get in touch with Saffron and to see more of her work then visit her website. She’s also easy to reach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the name Saffron Russell Illustration.