My Playlist Of The Decade

As 2020 rapidly approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past 10 years. I believe this has been the first decade of my life where I can remember every detail from start to finish – starting at university as an 18-year-old and trying to use that Sports Journalism degree with this blog now. Looking back, I can say with conviction that for two-thirds of … Continue reading My Playlist Of The Decade

A Quest To Beat Summer Stress

This summer has been a tough one for my mental wellbeing. It started with a concerning lack of passion for football that led me to taking a hiatus from the sport I love before further problems began creeping into other areas of my life. I began feeling more irritable at work while moving house brought its own challenges. I thought ending my football hiatus at … Continue reading A Quest To Beat Summer Stress

My Football Hiatus

When Wrexham lost their play-off eliminator in early May, it kick-started a spiral of football apathy in my life. My initial gripe was aimed at the National League – an archaic divisional set-up where success is limited, referees are timid and financial disparity isn’t questioned. In our 1-0 extra-time defeat to Eastleigh, all these unfair aspects were raised as we were condemned to a 12th … Continue reading My Football Hiatus

Meeting Your Heroes (When You’re Socially Anxious)

When I visited Birmingham for the Nature Valley Classic tennis tournament last month, I had a photo taken with double Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. My friend and I had only just entered the tournament grounds – so you can imagine our excitement when we spotted her approaching us! However, our meeting with her didn’t go all too great and it made me start asking a … Continue reading Meeting Your Heroes (When You’re Socially Anxious)

Confessions Of A Blogger (Featuring Little Comets And Mattie Vant)

When I attended a Little Comets gig in Birmingham, I didn’t have the intention to write a blog post about it. The O2 Institute can’t really be classed as a stadium – especially on the sweaty, dancefloor-only third level – whilst I also feel like my live music knowledge is average at best, so a review seemed pointless. However, as I pondered over my experience … Continue reading Confessions Of A Blogger (Featuring Little Comets And Mattie Vant)