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The GroundHopper

I met The GroundHopper at the game featured below and could appreciate, first hand, the effort he puts into his videos. He’s always looking for interviews with managers, players, chairmen or fans and creates an entertaining package after every match he goes to – which tend to be from the Welsh footballing pyramid but also feature some of England’s 92 league clubs.

Andy Green

Based in Berlin, Andy releases a new video almost every week that cover several divisions, grounds and clubs in the Berlin area. Being from England, he occasionally heads back over for some groundhopping there or goes to see his Manchester City team play in Europe. Wherever he happens to be, he always catches something spectacular, exciting, odd or all three. And he’s even got a catchphrase… come on football!

Ian Cheeseman

‘Cheesy’ is another Man City fan and monitors the club’s fortunes from the eyes and mouths of his fellow supporters. His history as a journalist also gives him access to interviews from former players and inside coverage from the heart of the football club. Being set at one of the world’s biggest teams, Cheesy always emphasises City’s history and adds humility and perspective to the current successes being achieved.

Shrewsbury From Where You Are Not

SFWYAN is not strictly related to the topics on my blog but embodies the same sense of adventure and discovery. It focusses on urban exploration from abandoned and rarely treaded locations. I know the author (somewhat) and he’s opened my eyes to seeing the same town I walk through everyday from a new perspective.