Welcome to High Stress Therapy! My name is Lewis and I created this blog to improve my mental health and well-being.

My journey began in 2017 when I first became interested in the hobby known as groundhopping. This is where one travels to a football ground, sees a game there and then scopes out a different ground next time.

I found groundhopping really helps my mental health. Football is a unique sport that allows those in attendance to exorcise their stresses and frustrations into supporting their team for 90 minutes.

I very rarely leave a football ground without feeling mentally refreshed. Even if my team loses (which is quite regular as a Wrexham fan), at the very least, I’ll have found something to shout about during the game or discovered part of the country I’d never seen before.

When I visit neutral grounds and teams, too, I get enormous satisfaction from learning about the local culture I’m entering and then writing about any strange stories or sights which occur on matchday – which there are, usually, plenty of.

Groundhopping is my High Stress Therapy but my blog is also trying to encourage others to find their own sources of mental relief.

I believe that immersing oneself into a passion is hugely beneficial for the mind and I implore anyone reading to do the same – be it running, walking, reading, cooking or groundhopping.

I often try to share other source of High Stress Therapy that I discover so please follow the blog for updates on that, or to follow my journey of discovery via the football grounds of the UK and beyond.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope to see you on the terraces!