Hello. My name is Lewis, creator of High Stress Therapy and a sufferer of depression and anxiety.

High Stress Therapy, or HST, came to fruition on the back of my stadium tour in winter 2017. My plan was to visit warmer climates in order to combat my depression, which gets worse in the winter months. I called it the Hibernation Stadium Tour. During my time abroad, I explored new cities and scoped out some of Europe’s best stadiums. At each stadium, I held up a card featuring the contact information for mental health charities Mind and Samaritans. This was both as evidence for me being there and would hopefully attract a wider audience from people interested in the team or city.

I visited Barcelona, Porto and Dublin during my fundraising, raising £25 each for my two charities. A figure not to be sniffed at but it left me wanting to do more.

As winter became spring, I decided to create this website. It aims to encourage better mental health – a motto that I feel is important to break down. High Stress Therapy isn’t going to directly fix anyone’s mental health problems. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to offer advice as everyone’s needs are different. What I deem good therapy, others may hate. So the idea is that people can come up with their own methods of improving their mental wellbeing. The Hibernation Stadium Tour was my High Stress Therapy. Yours doesn’t have to follow a HST abbreviation but you get the idea…