I Get Angry

I get angry when people call me a racist
Because the Chinese
All have the same faces.

I get angry when you don’t tell me where you’re from.
I know your parents
Weren’t born in this Kingdom.

I get angry when our line-up has a player called Raheem.
It’s not a name I like
To see in the national team.

I get angry when I hear the opposite of English.
They’re all pointing fingers
Laughing at my business.

I get angry that Eastern Europe’s full of thieves.
They’re ripping off leaves
From the Bank of England’s trees.

I get angry that our street has a refugee.
If we let them all in,
I become the minority.

I get angry that the country has confided in me.
At work, at school,
Even my own family.

I get angry that I’m a safe space for a C, N or P.
I don’t want to laugh along.
I don’t want to get angry.

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