This Garden

In the garden with the cherry tree
There’s daffodils along the fence
Cats in long grass stalk the birds
And the rhubarb patch is bursting
The back of next door’s shed
A white wall of cobble-stone
Is one almighty canvas
And the same size as a goal

In the garden with the trampoline centre
First love is in the air
Though we haven’t shut our eyes all night
We’re more alive than ever
A burning woodpile
Trimmed weeds in a mound
Neighbours chirping out of view
Sport scores over a blaring tune

In the garden that’s become home
Close to a place of worship
Guests wave outside the temple
Years and years of well-wishers
Looking out for hedgehogs
Feeding a family of foxes
Like a wave in my brain
Memories come flooding in

In the garden aforementioned
Long after daylight’s drowned
A friend of mine sits with me
And we gaze through broken cloud
We’ve seen everything here
Sun, rain, snow and hail
This garden knows all my pain
And has helped me to heal

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